The Rector Writes

It is very hard to overstate the complexity of our world and yet in the Autumn weeks ahead, in our worship, we face this complexity in such sharply contrasting ways, firstly with Harvest Sunday and then with Remembrance Sunday.

On the 11th of October, at our Harvest celebration in St Thomas’ we will gather in church and praise God for the beauty of creation, for the blessings of life (and our lives) and the rich resources of this planet.

Remembrance Sunday on the 8th of November then brings a completely different tone, when we remember before God, the horror and realities of war, destruction and human nature. Yet of course, we also remember and are profoundly thankful to God for all those many millions of men and women who have brought and still bring us peace.

In light of the reality of such plenty and blessing (Harvest) and such conflict and destruction (War) God calls us to act differently. We are to seek his wisdom and be responsible as stewards towards the earth. As well, we are to be the peacemakers that Jesus called us to be in the beatitudes.

And it is here that God can release us to do the work Jesus commands us to do – to make a difference in the world. That means giving hope where there is no hope, forgiving where there is sin, embracing where there is loneliness and despair.

We are to show toleration where there is prejudice, to bring reconciliation where there is conflict and peace when there is war. It means bringing justice where there is wrong, providing food where there is hunger and giving comfort where there is distress or disease.

With love and blessings,